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deformation tolerant pattern matching

Fast and reliable pattern matching

  • GlMatcher is a software component
  • GlMatcher has been entirely developed by Glance Vision Technologies for machine vision applications
  • The code is optimized for exploiting the multi-core architectures thus obtaining high performance in terms of speed
  • The unique feature of morphing allows a deformation-tolerant recognition
Instance to be recognized from undeformed model
Model superimposed to the recognized instance (recognition score above 70%)

Deformation-tolerant pattern matching

  • GlMatcher has been designed for being deformation tolerant
  • Thanks to the morphing technology, developed by Glance Vision Technologies, GlMatcher can recognize objects or shapes even when heavily deformed with respect to their model (due to optical artifacts, for example)
  • GlMatcher performs better than other commercial software
  • GlMatcher has been developed to meet the strict requirements of Pharmaceutical Automation.
GlMatcher is operating in hundreads of machines installed worldwide by Omnicell.


  • GlMatcher is simple and powerful at the same time
  • Exclusive system for validating the recognition
  • Automatic sensitivity estimation available
  • Robust to illumination changes
  • Tunable morphing by means of two stretching parameters
  • Optional color check
  • Specific mode (Mode1) for dealing with very similar models: differences are enhanced thus lowering the score


GlMatcher is very fast. For example:

number of images 920
image size 2048x1536
number of models 60
CPU Intel i7-5930K 3.5GHz
search time 150 ms
A challenging recognition example (recognition score is above 80%)
Another challenging recognition example (recognition score is above 80%)