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automated wire sawing

Automated Cutting Robot.

Maximum flexibility

  • No need for time-consuming off-line programming
  • Automatic shape profile generation
  • Immediate 2D CAD importing and placement into the profile
  • Working with standard robots: no need for "teaching by moving" robot capabilities
  • Generation of proprietary languages robot programs (Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, STAUBLI,custom, ...)


  • Cut inclination setting with inclination change during the cut
  • Automatic cut-junction robot movements
  • Entry and exit set points for removing spurious material
  • Automatic Collision detection
  • 7 degrees of freedom, unique redundancy exploitation strategy
GUI page 1
Cutting robot simulation. The simulator shows a cut path over a rectangular marble shape. The simulator reads the same exact program (generated by CASPER-C) of the real robot. The kinematics and the robot CAD model (in this case a STAUBLI TX200) can be changed upon the user request.
CASPER-C has been designed for industrial cutting. The object profile, for example the marble slab, is acquired by a laser scanner after a full rotation around the rotating support. The profile and the 2D CAD are then reported to the user by the GUI (see GUI page 1). The User can place the cut-shape inside the profile, rotate, translate, rescale the shape. The user can set the entry and exit point during the cuts where he needs. Two degrees of inclination can be associated to each cut, the starting and ending inclination. CASPER will arrange the cut-junctions for all the possible combination of inclination between cuts.

Customization and GVT services

  • sensor choice
  • interface to the sensor and to the robot
  • implementation of compilers for custom robot
  • state of the art and high level trajectory optimization (i.e. axis redundancy exploitation for singularity avoidance)